Black Gram

Characteristics States
Hypocotyl: Anthocyanin colouration Absent
Time of flowering Medium (40-50days)
Plant: Growth habit Semi -erect
Plant: Habit Indeterminate
Stem: Colour Green
Stem: Pubescence Present
Leaflet: Shape (terminal) Lanceolate
Foliage: Colour Green
Leaf: Vein colour Green
Leaf: Pubescence Absent
Petiole: Colour Green with purple splashes
Pod: intensity of green colour of
premature pod
Pod pubescence Present
Peduncle: Length Medium (5-10 cm)
Pod: Length Short (< 5 cm)
Pod: color of mature pod Brown
Plant: Height Medium (45-60 cm)
Seed Colour Black
Seed : Lusture Dull
Seed : Shape Drum Shaped
Seed : Size (weight of
100 Seeds)
Medium (3-5 g)