Gram Kranti

Characteristics States
Stem: Anthocyanin colouration Absent
Stem: Height at initiation of first flower Medium (8-15 nodes)
Time of flowering (50% ofthe plant with at least one open flower) Medium (61-80 days)
Medium (61-80 days) Semi-erect 16-600 from
Plant: Color of foliage Greenish purple
Leaflet: Size (length) Medium
Mediumv (10-15mm) Compound
Flower: Number per peduncle Twin
Flower: Colour Blue
Flower: Stripes on standard Absent
Peduncle: Length Medium (5-10mm)
Plant: Height Medium(45-65cm)
Pod: Size (length) Medium (15-20 mm)
Pod: Number of seeds One
Seed: Colour Brown
Seed: Size (weight of 100 seeds at 10 % moisture continent) Medium (26-35g)
Seed: Shape Owl’s head
Seed: Testa texture Rough
Seed: Ribbing Absent
Seed: Type Desi