Green Gram

Characteristics State
Hypocotyl: Anthocyanin colouration Absent
Time of flowering Early (<40 days)
Plant: Growth habit Spreading
Plant: Habit Determinate
Determinate Green with purple splashes
Stem: Pubescence Present
Leaflet: Lobes (terminal) Absent
Leaf: Shape (terminal) Ovate
Leaf: Colour Green
Leaf: Vein colour Green
Petiole: Colour Green
Leaf: size (at 5th node from the base) Medium
Flower: Colour of petal (standard) Light yellow
Pod: Colour of premature pod Absent
Pod: Pubescence Absent
Pod: Postion Intermediate
Plant: Height Short (<50 cm)
Pod: Colour Black
Pod: Length (mature pod) Short (< 8 cm)
Seed: Colour Green
Seed: Lusture Dull
Seed: Shape Oval
Seed: Size Medium (3 to 5 g)