Characteristic States
Plant: Growth habit Semi-spreading
Leaflet: Size (fully developed basal leaflet) Medium (<4.0 –6.0 cm)
Medium (<4.0 –6.0 cm) Green
Stem: Pubescence Absent
Flower: Presence on main axis Present
Flower: Arrangement on side branches Alternate
Inflorescence Simple
Time of maturity (For curing) Late (111-120 days)
Pod: Constriction Medium
Pod: Reticulation Medium
Pod: Number of kernels (on 100
pod basis)
>60% 2 seeded
Pod: Presence of
Pod: Shelling percentage Medium (66-75)
Testa: Colour Uniform
Kernel: Colour of testa (varieties with monochrome testa only)  Purple
Kernel: Shape Cylindrical
Kernel: Weight of 100 kernels (about
9% moisture)
High ( 51-65 g)
Seed: Fresh seed dormancy Present
Kernel: Oil percentage High (49-52%)