Gum Guwar

Characters States
Plant: Anthocyanin coloration of Hypocotyl Absent
Plant: Branching Pattern Single
Time of Flowering (50% of the plants with at least one open flower) 30-35 days
Plant: Growth Habit Erect
Stem : Colour Green
Leaf: Shape Oblong
Leaf : Pubescence on lower surface of the leaf Absent
Flower: Colour of base of petal (standard) Yellowish white
Flower: Pattern of streaks on petal (standard) Absent
Pod: Colour Green
Pod: Pubescence Absent
Pod: Waxiness Absent
Pod : Surface stickiness Absent
Pod: Constriction Prominent
Pod: Size (cm) >7 cm
Pod: No. of seeds 5-6
Plant: Height 130-150 cm
Seed: Colour Grayish black
Seed: Colour pattern Uniform
Seed: Size (100 seed weight ) Large (>9-11gm)